Using GPS instead of maps

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by Nick Maclaren, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Does anyone have experience of wide-area touring and navigation using a
    GPS device? I have an Etrex 20 and an OpenStreetMap mapping
    (talkytoaster), as an experiment, and found it hopelessly painful to
    use, mainly because of lack of resolution and secondarily lack of oomph
    (especially noticeable when scaling and scrolling).

    The map was hopeless in the Highlands (seriously off-road), because it
    had only 50m contours (if I recall) and few locations were named, but
    OK in the more populated areas.

    The fancier devices seem to have event lower resolutions and, while, it
    is possible that the very expensive Ordnance survey maps are better,
    I am somewhat doubtful. And then there is Satmap ....

    Nick Maclaren.
    Nick Maclaren, Oct 19, 2015
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  2. Nick Maclaren

    Clive George Guest

    I'd want OS 1:50K or even 1:25K for unknown off-road in the UK. The
    raster maps at those scales are proven for me. Of course using them on a
    tiny device is going to be more of a challenge, and they will almost
    certainly cost.
    Clive George, Oct 19, 2015
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  3. OS maps do cost

    screen size is a issue, I have a Garmin touring, i find it's better
    following a route, than trying to just following the map it displays, I
    also have the iphone which has a bigger screen and generally better
    mapping, on the whole, for stopping and checking.

    I have the built in maps which is OSM rather than OS maps, while they
    are a little vague in the less populated areas such as around my folks
    place in the Beacon Beacons, in North and South Downs etc they have much
    more detail than OS maps, various trails for MTB That don't show on OS

    roger merriman
    Roger Merriman, Oct 19, 2015
  4. Nick Maclaren

    Tim Baldwin Guest

    Memory-Map is currently offering 1:50,000 OS maps for the whole of the
    UK for £50 - not cheap, but not a bad price. Works pretty nicely for me
    on an Android phone. Obviously screen size and battery life can be
    issues - but it is nice to have the proper maps when you need them!

    Tim Baldwin, Oct 20, 2015
  5. Thanks. I may need to go that route.

    Nick Maclaren.
    Nick Maclaren, Oct 20, 2015
  6. Nick Maclaren

    Simon Mason Guest

    I have the Nuvi 550 with full OS mapping on it. I bought the map on an SD card for around £60 IIRC.
    Simon Mason, Oct 20, 2015
  7. That looks a lot less grasping.

    Nick Maclaren.
    Nick Maclaren, Oct 20, 2015
  8. Thanks very much.

    Nick Maclaren.
    Nick Maclaren, Oct 20, 2015
  9. Nick Maclaren

    Rob Morley Guest

    On Mon, 19 Oct 2015 16:50:02 +0000 (UTC)
    I've just been playing with Maverick on
    my 7" Android tablet and it looks rather good - it can use many
    different maps including OS Explorer series, but you have to pay £5 for
    the pro version in order to use downloaded maps offline, so I can't
    tell you how well that works.
    Rob Morley, Oct 20, 2015
  10. Nick Maclaren

    Simon Mason Guest

    Simon Mason, Oct 20, 2015
  11. Nick Maclaren

    kimble Guest

    GPS devices are excellent at data logging, brilliant at telling you
    exactly where you are, adequate at giving directions and rubbish for
    examining maps and planning routes.

    For touring I either have a fully planned route uploaded to my eTrex in
    advance, or I stop and look at an OS map, either on paper or on an
    Android device (via the Memory Map app, for which I have an ancient set
    of 1:50k maps from the desktop version) with far more pixels and enough
    CPU grunt for realtime scrolling.

    kimble, Oct 20, 2015
  12. I use those, in Memory Map on an iPhone. Works great. Not a cheap setup,
    unless you already have an iPhone and don't want too many square
    kilometers of 1:25k maps.

    Cheers - Jaimie
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Oct 23, 2015
  13. Nick Maclaren

    Clive George Guest

    It's a lot more sane than it used to be - it's now the same price I paid
    for GB 1:50K about ten years ago. Mmm...
    Clive George, Oct 23, 2015
  14. I used Memory-Map on a PocketPC PDA (with GPS). I was annoyed that I couldn't
    go on using the maps I'd paid for when they finally produced an Android app,
    and had used MM-Tracker in the meantime, but didn't track down a newer version
    when I changed phone and Memory-Map had had MM-Tracker removed from the Play
    store. But with prices having dropped, and maps having been updated, I might
    I did use it a few times on a bike (inside a map bag on a handebar bag), but
    not seriously, just to try it out.
    Resolution was adequate on the old PDA, but would be much better on a modern
    phone. Lack of oomph when scaling a scrolling was distinctly annoying, but
    would also be better on a modern phone.
    Limited battery life compared with a dedicated GPS unit, especially one
    with a swapable battery pack like
    probably hasn't improved - batteries have, but bigger higher resolution
    screens and slim phones more than balance that.
    Alan Braggins, Oct 23, 2015
  15. Seeing Tim's post that they have a sale on, I've just bought (eep) 1:25
    and 1:50 of the whole country, updating from my only partly legit
    collection of 2004 maps. It's nice being fully legal finally!

    However... the download-only versions are right annoying. You can't tell
    the desktop Memory Map to "get the whole lot", you have to *step around
    the whole UK" to trigger the downloads. Bleargh.

    The iOS version is a little better, it has a "download everything inside
    this track I've drawn" or "download everything in a square 20 or 40km
    around my current viewpoint".

    And you can still cut chunks of any size from the desktop version (once
    you've downloaded them) and load them onto the portable device. Once
    I've got the whole UK I'll slice'n'dice and port them across.

    If I'd known it was going to be this annoying I might have paid the
    extra to get the USB/DVD versions instead.

    Cheers - Jaimie
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Oct 25, 2015
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