Shortening hydraulic hose.

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by John Miller, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    I've just taken delivery of a new Planet X bike with hydraulic disc
    brakes - SRAM Rival 22. The hoses as fitted were on the generous side
    but I've removed a couple of spacers to drop the handlebars & stem which
    has created quite a loop on the rear brake hose. I've got no experience
    with hydraulic discs but would like to shorten the hose. The problem is
    that as this is a road bike, the brake hose is neatly tucked away under
    the brand new handlebar tape and the SRAM website says that the hose
    should be cut at the brake lever end. In my case, I'd much prefer to cut
    it at the caliper end - which has a banjo fitting apparently. So, can
    anybody say why cutting at the caliper end is a bad idea? Any advice
    welcome as I can't find much on this subject on Youtube, etc which
    mostly deals with MTBs and not the newer road disc brakes. I'm aware
    that they'll probably need bleeding whichever way I cut the hose.

    John M
    John Miller, Oct 14, 2015
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  2. John Miller

    Clive George Guest

    shows the brake lever end being bare hose, and the banjo being somewhat
    well attached at the factory. It might use a crimped connection, which
    would not be user servicable.

    My Magura rim brakes have two sorts of connector for the hose. There's a
    compression fitting with an olive, and a barbed connection where you
    shove something into the hose. The olives are really easy to deal with
    (though you need a new one if you change or shorten the hose), the
    barbed connectors need rather more care. I think the barbed connectors
    are used for the short loop between L+R slave cylinders.
    Clive George, Oct 14, 2015
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  3. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    Thanks for that. That link is useful as it provides a video (which I
    didn't find on my previous search) which demonstrates how to change the
    hose. The video clearly shows that the crimped banjo connection is
    attached at the lever end with the open hose at the caliper - attached
    with a barb & olive as you describe. That makes me think that the
    correct place to shorten on these road brakes is at the caliper end as
    the insert and olive will be easily replaced. Will check with the
    supplying dealer, I think.

    John M
    John Miller, Oct 15, 2015
  4. John Miller

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I've re-used olives on hydraulic and gas hose without any problem.
    You just need to re-anneal them.
    Phil W Lee, Oct 15, 2015
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