Please recommend a functional "pannier" system to use on my Mountain Bike

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Light of Aria, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. I am participating in the World Naked Bike Ride next weekend.

    Normally I use a batman style Utility Belt and Ruck Sack to carry all my
    equipment and loads but for this special occasion I want to be "naked" so I
    need to either find a way to "bungee" a basic set of clothes, tools, towel
    and picnic to my bike... or I need some functional but not to expensive

    I'd would hope this is a start but I don't have an existing rack... on the
    bike that is. Do I need a rack as well, anyone please?

    Please recommend a functional "pannier" system to use on my Mountain Bike!
    Light of Aria, Jun 4, 2010
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  2. Light of Aria

    john Guest

    You would need a rack for this. If you want to use it more than
    occasionally a rack and panniers is probably the best solution. If you
    just want the cheapest option for a one-off occasion, try searching
    eBay for "cycle basket" - you can find several for £10-15 inc

    john, Jun 4, 2010
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  3. Light of Aria

    Clive George Guest

    Yes, you need a rack. I'd recommend getting one which has something to
    stop the panniers swinging into the rear wheel. Something like this

    rather than this

    Individual panniers are more expensive than the sling-over pair you've
    shown, but are nicer to use.

    What you could go for is a rack pack on a seatpost mounted rack, but
    that's likely to be more expensive.

    Bar bag + seat bag?
    Clive George, Jun 4, 2010
  4. Light of Aria

    Jim A Guest

    What kind of Mountain Bike is it? I guess most hardtails will take a
    rack no problem, but some of the rear-suspension types won't have the
    mountings for one. You can get racks which simply clamp to the seatpost
    but they're not really suitable for anything heavy.
    Jim A, Jun 4, 2010

  5. It's a hard tail (Raleigh Incognito).

    I was inspired by Clive's suggestions (above). I've ruck-sacked well for
    ever so I am coming to terms with loading the bike instead of me!
    Light of Aria, Jun 4, 2010
  6. Light of Aria

    Jim A Guest

    I guess most normal racks would fit fine then. I'd recommend Topeak or
    Blackburn but there are plenty of other good makes. Panniers aren't
    essential as you can bungee-cord almost anything to a rack. I find some
    panniers simply don't fit very well so I would say get the rack first
    then try whatever pannier you're interested in at the shop rather than
    buying on-line if you can (or check the returns policy).

    How the panniers fix to the rack can make a big difference to how easy
    they are to use. I really rate Rixen & Kaul fixings which are used by
    Altura and (I think) Ortlieb brands and probably a few others too.
    Jim A, Jun 4, 2010
  7. Light of Aria

    Tosspot Guest

    <joins thread late, but in the hope of photos>

    I would go for a cheap seat post rack like this

    And just bungy a small rucksack to it. The problem as I see it is minimising
    cost. If you want a cheap option, buying rack *and* panniers isn't the way to
    do it.
    Tosspot, Jun 4, 2010
  8. Light of Aria

    Clive George Guest

    I think doing the same, but with a conventional rack rather than a seat
    post rack, would be more sensible. Seat post racks aren't nearly as
    strong, and don't have anything stopping stuff going into the wheels.
    The rack I mentioned is a few quid more than that lifeline rack, but I'm
    fairly sure you can get cheaper ones which will still be better.


    The BY311 looks sensible.

    That's pretty darned cheap, but there's postage on there.

    (we tried a topeak one with side frames on a short MTB tour - pretty
    dreadful. Much better with a rack pack though. Conventional rack wasn't
    an option due to full bounce).
    Clive George, Jun 4, 2010

  9. THANK YOU ALL very much for the advice and knowledge. You did good.

    This is what I went for:

    Tortec Tour Rack, £15 from including postage.

    It should be enough to bungee my rucksack to and means I can do more with my
    bike than without but still take it off when not needed.

    I am looking forward to the weekend now!
    Light of Aria, Jun 7, 2010

  10. Here's an update: £15 arrived by
    post today.

    It took about one hour to install. Although my Raleigh has the "mounts" on
    the frame it does not have the mounts below the seat. I solved that problem
    with some nuts and bolts that were exactly the right size bolted in front of
    the frame and seat post mounting with a bit of insulating tape and some
    plastic to protect the paint work.

    The finished product is a nice stable rattle free rack which is also sitting
    neatly on top of my "Dirt Monkey" mud guard too.

    Bungeeing my rucksack did not prove particularly stable.

    However I have some motorcycle panniers, not used for 13 years in my garage,
    and cable tied these on to the cycle rack and this looks very functional and
    equivalent to a Royal Mail setup.

    I'll be testing the configuration tonight on a 12KM round trip to the sports

    After the weekend's tour is over, it should now just be a quick matter of
    undoing the two bolts on the lower frame mount point and the two seat-post
    bolts to remove and replace as required later.
    Light of Aria, Jun 10, 2010
  11. Light of Aria

    Clive George Guest

    The traditional answer is P-clips - eg

    but if you've won with some nuts and bolts then that's cool :)
    Clive George, Jun 10, 2010
  12. London?

    I am also riding, as normal, although I expect to be alone this year. I
    look like this:

    but will likely be riding a black Brompton.

    Captain Obvious moment: that photo is not safe for work. There are no
    strategically positioned handlebars, either.
    David Damerell, Jun 10, 2010
  13. Light of Aria, Jun 11, 2010

  14. Ahhh, yes, David.

    I am committed for Brighton on Sunday with two friends from the sports club.
    One of us is likely to be carrying a puppy in a front basket!

    I am not yet sure about going to London as I do not fancy a journey by train
    and even less 2 hours of car driving so it's probably greener to not go due
    to the transport logistics being too much hassle.

    Weather forecast so far looks good with sunshine.

    Have fun and enjoy the event!
    Light of Aria, Jun 11, 2010
  15. Craig Wallace, Jun 11, 2010
  16. It would be hideously ironic to drive to a WNBR! I don't remember the
    Brighton->London trains being too bad but it's a long way to go just to
    ride around starkers, indeed.
    David Damerell, Jun 11, 2010
  17. Light of Aria

    Ian Guest

    Just done the Southampton ride, dA is posting a Ride Report when (and
    if) he gets home.....

    Links to photos of dA and myself will be provided in due course.

    In the meantime, could I have similar photos please, of uk.r.c.m
    contributors, ladies as well as gentlemen, hi-ish resolution if
    possible, to be made up into the 2011 uk.r.c.m Calendar.
    (can we use as
    one month, please?)

    Which will be sold, orders having been taken some time in November;
    proceeds to


    Ian, Jun 11, 2010
  18. Just zis Guy, you know?, Jun 11, 2010
  19. I do wonder if 12 of us actually rode.
    Sure, half London's seen it anyway. :)

    Oddly, I woke up with the alarm feeling nine-tenths dead, and went back to
    sleep. I woke up twenty minutes later and went to the spodroom to post
    saying "not coming, what a bummer to be ill today" only to realise
    actually I felt fine after twenty minutes extra sleep.

    As a result I was late at the start (again) but better than in 2009; in
    2009 S. and I tore clothes off and leaped on the tandem to chase after the
    very last riders, but this time I found myself at the front because I'd
    arrived just before the front of the ride set off.

    I saw a chap I know from the Whitby Goth Weekend marshalling, but no-one
    else. Generally I recognise yacf types from their distinctive jerseys, but
    that didn't work so well on the WNBR. My pick as best-dressed rider was
    the silver-painted roller skater.
    David Damerell, Jun 14, 2010
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