Pedal for Scotland

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by soup, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. soup

    soup Guest

    Anyone taken part in this?

    I am thinking of taking part (son only told me of this twenty minutes
    ago so I have not researched it as yet).
    I would be doing the 50 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh ride.

    Is it as big an event as it looks ?
    Rough timing?
    Helmets must be worn?
    Family orientated or balls to the wall racing types?
    soup, Jul 3, 2015
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  2. soup

    Ian Smith Guest

    50-mile ride is family orientated. Definitely not a race. In fact you
    will probably see cycle-jams here and there due to sheer numbers! I did
    it 4 years ago with inexperienced friends. It took several hours and
    was a good day out. Helmets not required then, but don't know if this
    has changed.

    Racing types go for the 100-mile sportive on the same day.
    Ian Smith, Jul 3, 2015
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  3. soup

    colwyn Guest

    Get more info here:
    colwyn, Jul 4, 2015
  4. soup

    Peter Clinch Guest

    When I looked the other day they were "recommended", but not compulsory.

    I've not done it (tend not to go for that sort of thing) but I know a
    few folk that have and they've enjoyed it. It's the biggest
    participation event in Scotland with quite a bit of backing and
    promotion by Cycling Scotland.

    Peter Clinch, Jul 4, 2015
  5. soup

    Ian Smith Guest

    Come to think of it, probably took us 4-5 hours as we stopped at feed
    stations for breaks, etc.

    50 miles is nothing for me, so while my friends got a lift, I later
    cycled back home to make it a century. :)
    Ian Smith, Jul 4, 2015
  6. soup

    Sam Wilson Guest

    I did it a few years ago with friends and it was surprisingly gentle.
    I'm not sure it's the same route, though. Good food laid on. Traffic
    jams at the start (from George Square then) as they let people out in
    batches. Our group got split so some in our group had to wait for the
    rest of us in the next pulse.

    Sam Wilson, Jul 14, 2015
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