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Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by Simon Mason, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Simon Mason

    Simon Mason Guest

    Sense has prevailed - some excellent comments from their assembly members.

    "Neither the DUP nor Sinn Féin - the two biggest parties in the Assembly -
    was interested in the Bill. The DUP felt that this would be legislation
    intruding into areas of life where it doesn't need to go especially as they
    accepted that cycling is not a particularly dangerous activity. They also
    took on board our evidence that compulsory helmet use would seriously
    undermine cycle sales and the cycle tourist industry.
    "Sinn Féin members had different concerns which were to do with the prospect
    of police going into disadvantaged communities and targeting young people
    for not wearing helmets. We (CTC) produced evidence to show that people in
    less well off areas are less likely to wear helmets, so they could see how
    the policing would have to respond to that."

    Well done the CTC for addressing the assembly.
    Simon Mason, Mar 20, 2011
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    Hash: SHA1

    Also John Franklin who put a tremendous amount of work in for (as usual)
    no charge despite this being basically his day job. Sustrans were there too.

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    Just zis Guy, you know?, Mar 20, 2011
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  3. Simon Mason

    Paul - xxx Guest

    Nicely put. I guess they realise that there are many more dangerous
    things than cycling that the police really need to be policing ..
    anywhere .. not just in NI.
    Paul - xxx, Mar 20, 2011
  4. Simon Mason

    Wm... Guest

    Sun, 20 Mar 2011 13:22:35 <>
    Delicately put, Paul, +1 from me.

    Reading the comments following on from Simon's link there appears to
    have been an unfortunate personal accident in the family of the person
    introducing the change. I expect other people here will join me in
    regretting any loss of life.

    I am not for a moment suggesting I fully understand the politics of NI,
    mainly because I don't get the whole christians fighting each other bit,
    I suppose. Yes, I know I am heading off topic. Does anyone know the
    background to the cycling accident and why the legislator thought a
    helmet might have made a difference?
    Wm..., Mar 21, 2011
  5. Simon Mason

    Tony Raven Guest

    There usually is and in many instances it almost seems to be a guilt
    compensation mechanism e.g. Carlie Annetts.

    Eric Martlew (ex) MP who tried to introduce a UK mandatory helmet law was
    knocked of his bike by a truck when a child

    Andrew Green who led the mandatory helmet law in Jersey had a son who fell
    off his bike and got a head injury. Etc etc

    What none of these people realise (Martlew excepted because they weren't
    around at the time) is that any one of them could have made the parental
    choice to have their child wear a helmet. And they now seem to want to
    blame the State for them not making that choice.

    Carlie Annetts could have made sure her son's bike had working brakes but
    didn't and now wants to compensate by making everyone else wear a helmet.

    Tony Raven, Mar 21, 2011
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