Lumotec Lyt front dynamo light

Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by martynh, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. martynh

    martynh Guest

    Has anyone used one?

    They were mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, but not from first-
    hand experience. I think I want something brighter than the Basta LED
    light mentioned on that thread, but I'd like to save €30-ish euros off
    the price of the IQ Cyo - I've been using an Ixon IQ battery light
    which I find more than adequate (and about adequate on the low-power
    setting). But my Ixon is often on the wrong bike/in the wrong
    country: hence I'm getting a dynohub for the bike I use most (which
    I've ordered from a german site for what seems a remarkably low price
    even for a low-spec wheel - €44 delivered - if it arrives, and works.
    I'll report back if it seems worth it).

    I ride on pretty rough country roads, with infrequent, but fast,
    oncoming traffic - I need to see as well as being seen, and be bright
    enough to encourage oncoming drivers to dip their lights.
    martynh, Oct 11, 2010
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  2. martynh

    Tosspot Guest

    IQ Fly with a dynohub works well for me. As the nights are drawing in
    I'm thinking "Bloody good light", but then again, I'm thinking CYO, but,
    ultimatley, I have the sickness...
    Tosspot, Oct 12, 2010
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  3. martynh

    martynh Guest

    And so it would for me. But the Lyt is €20 cheaper. Hence my post......
    martynh, Oct 12, 2010
  4. martynh

    al Mossah Guest

    As the purchaser of the Basta LED light, I am very happy with it.
    I've been out onto the (non)moonlit country lanes and across the
    fields with it, and it is excellent; I guess that generally I go
    slower at night, but this light enables me to see 50+m ahead with no
    problems. As I said before, its beam is more spread than its
    predecessor, so doesn't reach quite as far. Probably better in
    traffic for being seen, although I shall continue to use a
    suplementary wide-angle flasher once the nights really draw in.

    The stand-light lasts for many minutes; after a 20 minute ride it's
    still casting serious shadows after 3 mins, and is visiable up to 10
    mins after the dynamo has stopped.
    al Mossah, Oct 12, 2010
  5. martynh

    martynh Guest

    Thanks for this. I've ordered a Lyt - if it's brighter than yrs, which
    its shd be, it shd be more than bright enough. I need to cater for
    country lanes, though not usually fields - but I do have about 1km of
    unmade track at the beginning and end of every trip. In truth, it's
    not much worse than the roads which are meant to be tarmacked: last
    winter, plus no money for repairs, plus enormous farm machinery and
    stripped-out hedges, mean that all the roads round here are atrocious.
    I've also bought the standlight - there's no-one but me to see it, but
    it should help me find the keyholes.
    martynh, Oct 13, 2010
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