Le Tour [don't worry - no spoilers]

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by Mike Causer, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Mike Causer

    Mike Causer Guest

    Without a TV at home I've been going to a friend's place to watch the
    ITV4 coverage, planning on only bothering with the mountain stages. But
    the racing has been so good that I'm there even for the "flat" stages.
    Today's was tremendous -- huge congratulations to the winner and his

    If you cannot watch during the day definitely get the 19:00 highlights.

    Mike Causer, Jul 18, 2015
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  2. Mike Causer

    Danny Colyer Guest

    What flat stages?

    Fantastic finish today, I really enjoyed watching that.
    Danny Colyer, Jul 18, 2015
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  3. Mike Causer

    Owen Dunn Guest

    Indeed. Something's been bothering me about Tour coverage though; the
    official live feed that the broadcasters use seems only to start part
    way through most stages. Does anyone know the reason for this?

    Owen Dunn, Jul 18, 2015
  4. Mike Causer

    Rob Morley Guest

    Because the start of a stage is pretty routine - everyone riding along
    together, getting warmed up and checking each other out, gradually
    upping the pace? Unless there's a significant crash there won't be
    much to see.
    Rob Morley, Jul 19, 2015
  5. Mike Causer

    Owen Dunn Guest

    Except there's usually the race to establish the first break(s), a
    couple of categorised climbs and sometimes the intermediate sprint
    before coverage starts, and evidently it's not intrinsically boring
    because they do provide a full live feed of some stages.

    I suppose it's possible that the organisers are sufficiently strapped
    for cash that they can't afford to do the camera bikes/helicopters for
    the extra time, but it seems slightly implausible.

    Owen Dunn, Jul 19, 2015
  6. Mike Causer

    Mike Causer Guest

    Perhaps because they cannot get advertisers to pay for showing in that
    part of the race. Sometimes the French adverts leak onto ITV4. The
    ITV4 advertising is very rarely connected with the race or bikes in any
    way. Very odd to see short term loans (1295% APR!) and funeral
    insurance during the week. Saturday and Sunday are more laddish of
    course: cars and Liquids Alleged To Be Beer.

    Mike Causer, Jul 20, 2015
  7. Mike Causer

    Clive George Guest

    Adverts are very time-dependent.

    We've been watching the reruns of Doctor Who on the Horror channel.
    Recorded during the day, watched later on. Daytime adverts are stuffed
    with payday loans, life insurance and things where the advertiser
    couldn't afford a posher slot.

    The adverts during the highlights on ITV4 are rather more targeted.
    Giant's sponsor gets a slot with a cyclist showing his improbably styled
    hair after a day in a helmet, and a bank advertise their services using
    Muc-off as an example client and lots of pictures of bikes/bike stuff.
    Clive George, Jul 20, 2015
  8. Mike Causer

    Mike Causer Guest

    Yes, and pushing some sort of cycling-specific show on Thursday evening.

    I had to watch the highlights today because I got a call from a
    Massachusetts number saying "We're moored outside the pub". Pub in
    question being 10 minutes away by bike.

    Good to see old friends, even if they're not cyclists.

    Mike Causer, Jul 20, 2015
  9. Mike Causer

    Owen Dunn Guest

    I watch Eurosport's coverage, which seems mostly to have adverts related
    either to cycling or to Tour sponsors. Ones that I can remember include
    Merida (bikes), Festina (watches), Bora (cooker extractors), Alpecin
    (hair restorer).

    Oh, and the bookend adverts for Israel.

    Owen Dunn, Jul 21, 2015
  10. I'm pretty sure I've seen the entire stage live on German Eurosport in
    days gone by. FWIW the ITV4 coverage appears to be a mashup of
    Vsquared's links, competitions, Gary Imlach being sarky, Chris Boardman
    achieving canonisation etc. etc. and the Phil 'n' Paul Show whose
    primary customer is NBC in USAnia - the other day someone was a bit
    tardy in cutting to the adverts and Phil was heard quizzing NBC's roving
    reporter "Steve" about something or other. Though the race pictures
    will still come from ASO regardless of who's broadcasting them.
    Dave Larrington, Jul 22, 2015
  11. Mike Causer

    Owen Dunn Guest

    They broadcast some stages in their entirety. This year (according to
    the roadbook) it's 1,2,3,9,12,19,20,21.

    Owen Dunn, Jul 22, 2015
  12. Mike Causer

    Peter Clinch Guest

    On 18/07/2015 19:31, Mike Causer wrote:
    Indeed, though I don't think I want to see G's telegraph pole interface
    again (respect to that man).

    Roos and I have been wondering if ASO select particularly tall ladies in
    especially vertiginous heels to present the white jersey after each
    stage. Even stood on a podium, Nairo Qunintana is usually shorter than
    at least one of them!

    Peter Clinch, Jul 23, 2015
  13. Mike Causer

    Mike Causer Guest

    Simon Geschke was surprisingly short on the podium on Wednesday too. He
    looked much bigger on the bike. With a grin as wide as he is tall :))

    It's got to pass through Limousin next year so I can go watch it based
    at a friend's place there. It's our turn for a couple of stages
    M. Prudhomme!!

    We did try to replicate the French roadside experience last year at the
    top of Les Lacets de Saffron Walden, but it wasn't the same. A cluster
    (clutch?) of grandkids loved it though, perhaps the first "big" event
    they'd seen. We had police on motor bikes stopping to say hello so the
    youngsters could have their photos taken with them. And may be used in
    evidence later....

    Mike Causer, Jul 23, 2015
  14. Mike Causer

    Peter Clinch Guest

    I observed he looked to be built a bit like me: long trunk and short
    legs. Roos agreed with the general principle but suggested that
    actually he wasn't built like me. I suspect she didn't mean a fuller

    Peter Clinch, Jul 24, 2015
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