Is this unique?

Discussion in 'General Cycling' started by Simon Mason, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Simon Mason

    Simon Mason Guest

    Simon Mason, Sep 7, 2011
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  2. Simon Mason

    Paul - xxx Guest

    I think, BICBW, that there are some in Sheffield and Nottingham,
    approaching tram intersections.
    Paul - xxx, Sep 7, 2011
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  3. Certainly looks like there should be some in Nottingham. The Edinburgh Tram Integration Study

    claims Nottingham created them

    "5.35 Nottingham introduced specific signage towards cyclists. It was felt
    that signing of the danger of slipping on rails has proven to be
    effective. The Slippery rails sign is located prior to tram stops."

    and provides an image.

    Google never ceases to amaze me ...
    Daniel Dignam, Sep 7, 2011
  4. It doesn't seem to be in:

    which is the Highway Code's section on warning signs.

    The only similar one I've seen is a friend's photo from New Zealand.
    Eleanor Blair, Sep 7, 2011
  5. Simon Mason

    Simon Mason Guest

    Our signage came out of dozens of cases of cycling injuries caused by
    the rails being at a sharp angle to the roadway and your front wheel
    going AWOL. The Council refused to rejig the road layout and the rail
    company said it was not their problem, so to provide a "fix" they just
    shoved up some dismount signs. I just bunny hop over each rail rather
    than ride over them.
    Simon Mason, Sep 8, 2011
  6. I actually find the 'rubber' they put between rails more of a problem when wet, especially when starting from a wait for the barriers. I often find my back wheel spinning, and having to adapt to it. It's particularly annoying when it happens and you have a car close on your tail.
    Daniel Dignam, Sep 8, 2011
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