Getting back into cycling and evaluating current bikes

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by David.WE.Roberts, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Long title, but reasonably accurate.
    I haven't been out on a bike much for the last couple of years but I'm
    trying to rectify that.

    Ride 1 - loaned Scott Sportster P4 - nice gears (first I have ridden with
    8) and trundled along quite well apart from the vague uncertainty of
    riding on the roads with front suspension. Just doesn't feel 100% right.

    Also my first experience of applying V brakes firmly. I didn't quite part
    company by carrying on whilst the bike stopped but there was a tyre squeal
    (and nearly one from me). Effective, ain't they.

    Hard saddle, and my bum bones were crying by the end of the ride.

    Out for about 1 hour at about 13 mph average (I think - damn speedo is in

    Ride 2 - venerable Dawes Galaxy bought off eBay very second hand some
    years back. Just getting into the swing and really starting to enjoy
    myself when the chain and the bike went their separate ways.

    Shows the value of always carrying a mobile phone. Support services came
    out and swept me up.

    I had taken the front wheel off to facilitate shoving the bike into the
    back of the car and had the bike resting up side down with the wheel
    beside it.

    Very nice bike person in a pickup truck pulled over to check if I needed
    the loan of a track pump which he had in the back.

    Showed him the remains of the chain and he smiled and admitted that he
    didn't carry a spare in the truck. Still, shows you how many nice bike
    people there are around not always riding bikes.

    Gel saddle, which reminded me why I use gel saddles and not hard ones.

    Ah, well, new chain and fit the sealed crank bearing which has been
    waiting for some time. Could improve the shifting as well.

    Next up should be the Univega Rover 3.5 mountain bike with no suspension
    and fat road tyres plus a suspect rear mech. Has been my trusty steed for
    yea these many years. Only got the Dawes because this lacks top speed (and
    I really liked a friend's Dawes). Who knows, I might have 3 fully working
    bikes in a while.


    Dave R
    David.WE.Roberts, Jul 28, 2013
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