Dunwich Dynamo

Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by Marc, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Marc

    Marc Guest

    I started writing a report but lost my way.


    The Lows
    Waking up at 5:30 on Saturday with Gout and trying to sort it out before
    I was due to leave at 2pm
    Worrying about the gout in my ankle all night and the desperate need to
    keep hydrated.
    Gethin ( No 1 son) having the first chute of the night on Lea valley
    road( He was fine and adrenalin meant he dropped me far behind after he
    got back on)
    Forgetting to pack the GPS
    the No of hills ( I don't do hills ok ?)
    Gethin getting cold and tired just before rest stop and worrying me.
    The last 20 miles which seemed endless
    The really scary driving of the WAGS heading to the beach to pick up riders

    Wombling along regents canal towpath, (no one told me it stopped at a
    tunnel with no signs how to find the other end)
    Seeing the huge crowd at the pub.
    Laughing at the Geezer with the out of control dog was was arguing "
    Yaar in Laandaaan Naaww, this is my Maaannaaa, , you don't caaame and
    tell me whaaat taaa do in Laaandaan "
    the huge buzz of the stream going along Lea Road.
    The Tail wind.
    The huge crowd or riders outside a pub, somewhere in Essex or Suffolk or
    The stove cooking up hot noodles in 3 minutes at the rest stop
    The manic bell ringer in the middle of the night cheering people on, bet
    his neigbours loved him
    The Bacon roll stop and a chance to stop and chat
    nice peeps we met and chatted with, maybe never to be met again.
    The buzz
    The lights, the lights, streaming into the distance....

    Would I do it again?

    To be honest probably not, but only because of the logistics of getting
    to start, from finish but it's a brilliant event and thanks to all those
    that work so hard to make it happen.
    Marc, Jul 18, 2011
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  2. The Dunwich Beach:

    And from an organiser:

    And then there's this...
    Bertie Wooster, Jul 19, 2011
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  3. Marc

    Simon Mason Guest

    Someone actually did one on a Boris Bike.

    Simon Mason, Jul 19, 2011
  4. Marc

    kimble Guest

    I rode with YACF's Team Slow. We really excelled ourselves this time
    and didn't arrive at the beach until about 1pm. My GPS log suggests
    that this was due to unprecedented levels of faff, rather than a
    particularly glacial pace (though we were by no means fast).

    Highlights include:
    My dodgy knees performing almost flawlessly throughout
    The weather behaving impeccably until about 3 minutes after we reached
    Vast quantities of CAKE
    Rendering mechanical assistance to total strangers
    Friends bearing jelly babies when I needed them most
    The return of my cycling mojo in the second half of the ride
    The hills being a lot less steep than they were last year
    Random enthusiastic locals
    The endless chain of red LEDs leading up through Epping

    Lowlights include:
    Finding myself on my own in the cold and deciding to complete the ride
    purely because it was less effort than packing
    Being hit by a piece of litter thrown from a car on the way into Dunmow
    Getting overly panicky as a reaction to the combination of the above and
    having my digestive system rebel
    Squeaky disc brakes
    Very nearly being refused entry to the train at Ipswich on account of
    being a couple of nanoseconds too slow running down the platform

    kimble, Jul 20, 2011
  5. Being somewhat ill and deciding the best plan was not to ride, here. :-(
    David Damerell, Jul 27, 2011
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