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Discussion in 'General Cycling' started by Tosspot, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Tosspot

    Tosspot Guest

    After my brief and ultimately doomed love affair with the the B+M
    Topline Plus I swore I'd just get a normal D-Toplight. However, as I
    was at the shop I was seduced, led astray, tempted from the one true
    path by Stan, and bought the Toplight Flat Plus.

    Scientific research[1] has led me to believe this is a nice bright
    light, and further research[2] has shown a nice long standby time. Has
    a reasonably slim fit, does *not* have the short button, and is bright.

    I hope it lasts longer than the 3 months that piece of Line Plus cheese,
    but initial signs are good.

    What are peeps preferred dynamo rear light?

    [1] Mate riding behind me.
    [2] Me at the bike sheds.
    Tosspot, Nov 23, 2010
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  2. Tosspot twisted the electrons to say:
    As is happens I've got a DToplight Flat Plus, just not actually mounted
    to a bike at this point![1] The dynamo rear light that I *do* have
    mounted is a B&M Seculite Plus, though mine's mounted off the seatpost
    rather than a rear mudguard. Seems to be working okay so far ...

    I've previously had DToplight Plus on a previous bike, which also died
    rather too quickly for my liking but it's replacement seemed okay.

    [1] Though this may be subject to change in the near future, as it may
    end up on the rear rack of the MTB[2] if it ends up pulling commuting
    [2] Or if I end up buying a Bachetta Corsa as an audax bike it might end
    up being mounted in the mesh pocket on the Brain Box?
    Alistair Gunn, Nov 23, 2010
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  3. I'm still on ordinary Seculite Plusses for ease of mudguard mounting. If I
    want a reflector on my pannier rack, I'll just put on a reflector.

    Not the Brompton one where the standlight breaks, anyway.
    David Damerell, Nov 23, 2010
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