An interesting sideline

Discussion in 'Cycling Archive' started by Clive George, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Clive George

    Clive George Guest

    Schmidt Maschinenbau, maker of the SON dynohubs and lights, have one
    other product on their catalogue : a machine for making clarinet reeds.
    Clive George, Aug 22, 2015
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  2. Clive George

    Phil W Lee Guest

    I'm sure the oboists and bassoonists will be up in arms about not
    being similarly catered for :)
    Phil W Lee, Aug 23, 2015
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  3. Clive George

    Peter Clinch Guest

    With Yamaha producing motorcycles as a sideline to their musical
    instrument business, there is form of a sort...

    Peter Clinch, Aug 24, 2015
  4. Clive George

    Sam Wilson Guest

    Saxophonists of the world, unite!

    Sam Wilson, Aug 24, 2015
  5. Clive George

    JNugent Guest

    Do you remember Basil Boothroyd's articles in "Punch" (back in the glory
    days of Alan Coren, Malcolm Muggeridge, etc)?

    He used the sig line:

    Basil Boothroyd, BA (sop sax)
    JNugent, Aug 25, 2015
  6. Clive George

    Sam Wilson Guest

    I don't, but a band I play in had a soprano sax player until fairly

    Sam Wilson, Aug 26, 2015
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